A2 Launches “The Enduring State of Medicaid”

“The Enduring State of Medicaid” is an in-depth look at the Medicaid market, along with key trends and implications for market participants.

State of Medicade

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Introducing the Medicaid & Medicare Local Enrollment Finder

A downloadable database with robust Medicaid and Medicare market data, including:

  • Nationwide, county-level totals for Medicare and Medicaid enrollment
  • Nationwide, county-level Medicaid health plan, Medicare Advantage plan, and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans (PDP) enrollment by parent company
  • Directory of all parent company Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, and Prescription Drug Plans (PDP) plans
  • Total Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Prescription Drug Plan membership, commercial line of business participation, and summary of states for each parent company

A comprehensive data set that enables users to:

  • Identify market opportunities and market sizes
  • Analyze competitive environment for growth in new or existing markets
  • Robust data for use in policy-making, engagement, and data analysis
  • Understand landscape of potential health plan customers for a variety of services (e.g., PBM, behavioral health, care management)
  • Inform go-to-market strategy through plan directory and segmentation
  • Size and prioritize target plans for engagement